Joe Scarfone

Comercial Real Estate Broker,
Change Agent

416 859-7017

As the principal of the Scarfone Group, Joe partners with clients across the GTA to help facilitate real estate transactions, and create the best-negotiated outcomes for his clients. With a focus on lease and transaction management, he has completed over a thousand commercial real estate transactions in his career. He understands the complexities of the lease and investment sale transactions, and helps his clients as their real estate advocate and advisor.

He is focused on transformational leadership at a team and company level and provides change-oriented business leaders and organizations with principles of success. Ultimately, he helps people and companies become more productive, collaborative, and as a result, more successful in their businesses and relationships together.

Over the last twenty years, through Joseph R. Scarfone Realty, Joe has leased marquee assets through the financial core, representing Toronto’s most prominent real estate owners, working alongside organizations such as The Hospital For Sick Children, NorthWest Health Care Properties, CREIT, and the Sorbara Group.Through this time he has been involved in leasing, investment sales as well as the refinancing of significant toronto assets. His focus is always on his client’s best interests, and how best to manage risk, time and market conditions, while providing best value to the organizations he represents.

Joe Scarfone’s Unique Ability as described by Joseph D. Sorbara, Principle of The Sorbara Group

“To determine with relative speed and accuracy the likelihood of completing a deal and then using your informed and creative approach in a confident and persistent way to bring it to a conclusion, usually positive and without being offensive but maintaining a positive expression of what you believe is right.”

Uncovering true potential in business and teaching others the philosophy of success is what I do. The power of positivity, purpose and the pursuit of happiness is the path to how I lead my clients there.

I design corporate training programs developed for teams and executives, helping organizations and people uncover how achievement occurs, setting out a framework for my clients and their teams to get there. Emphasis is put on the importance of integrity, purposefulness, positivity, self-growth, impartiality, positive leadership, generosity, and justice – key pillars of my coaching program. My training programs include Napoleon Hill’s 17 principles of success, as well as teachings by the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy.

My client’s walk away, clearly able to identify and articulate both their core values as well as their organizations’, meaningful and purposeful goals, and an ability to articulate their life’s purpose. I help teams and business leaders become more successful, happier in their roles, and more productive in their work as a result.


Kristine Oel

Creative Director,
Digital Marketing

416 617-4025

Kristine is an Art Director in the Media Industry and has worked for multiple Networks, on several National and International brands, including HBO and Disney. She has branded channels, launched channels and delivered content, year over year, within this rapidly changing and competitive business. She is responsible for articulating brand strategies into On Air, Off Air and Digital brand packages, marketing materials and promotional content, from concept to completion. During her 20 years in design and brand marketing, she has been a part of incredible creative advancements and changes in technology. These changes have affected every area of the business, whether it be working in the trenches of the Art Department on VFX and animation, or in the boardroom strategizing with Programming, Marketing, I.T. and Engineering teams. Constant innovation and adaptation are the backbone of this business, and her ability to envision the bigger picture, both creatively and technically, affords her a competitive edge in this industry.