Downtown Class A Q1 2017

Downtown Class A Q1

The market has continued the trend of tightening conditions that started in 2014, with vacancy now sitting at 3.8%  This puts the overall market squarely in landlord favoured territory, putting a premium on well positioned space.  For tenants it may appear that they are disadvantaged, but market  “averages” can hide opportunities that exist within individual buildings and through the use of creative leasing strategies.

Here are 5 excellent Class A towers that currently have large blocks of space and above average vacancy and/or near term availability:

•40 King Street West –  vacancy of 13.6% and availability of 27%

•222 Bay Street – vacancy of 0%, but near term availability of 56%

•130 King Street West – vacancy of 2.8% and availability of 25%

•200 Bay Street – vacancy of 7.8% and availability of 20%

•150 King Street West – vacancy of 9.6% and availability of 29%