Businesses operating in this new paradigm of change need to implement strategies that are exponential in nature to ensure their continue success.

Real estate services need to provide relevant services that help future proof business spaces and leasing options.


When exponential technologies are put to use a small team can do big things. Adaptability and agility are increasingly eclipsing size and scale as a business model. This disruptive trend shows accelerated growth for organizations that leverage assets like community, big data, algorithms, and new technology.

Disruption and constant change is the New Norm. established industry players are rarely
structured or prepared to counter customer disruption when eventually it appears. Today, the outsider has all the advantages. With no legacy systems to worry about, as well the ability to enjoy low overhead and take advantage of newly accessible information and – more importantly technology, the newcomer can move quickly and with a minimum of expenses. As production and marketing have been commoditized and democratized, it’s all about ideas and ideals.

Marketing has increasingly become product innovation. This is one of the key reasons why disruption today is more likely to come from startups than from existing companies.

The world now belongs to smarter, smaller, and faster moving enterprises. This is certainly true for information based industries, and it is now true for more traditional industries as well.
Real Estate is no exception.


The acceleration and change in the number of types and sizes of businesses appearing on the landscape of commercial real estate is changing requirements for both the Landlord and Tenant. The challenge will be to offer relevant real estate services, flexible options and current technological solutions that work hand in hand with the exponential growth curve of a new business.


The Scarfone Group is working to meet the challenges of this exponential growth pattern, and be a part of the solution in the commercial real estate community. By operating as an exponential organization with the same ‘smarter, smaller, and faster’ business principles, our individually customized service will give clients access to transformative business solutions, not off the shelf templates. By providing custom research and analytics, scalable resourcing and expertise and access to exponential technologies, we have the flexibility to move with the changing needs our clients. As our clients approach their accelerated growth curve, we have the ability to work side by side to help them realize their vision.